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With the advent of DNA testing for genealogical it is now possible to begin connecting linking Pinedo people to their origins.  For the present, there are very few individuals with the Pinedo surname that have been tested.  If you are a Pinedo who has DNA test results, please feel free to send a copy of your Haplotype information to us for posting here.


  • Sites
    Ramiro's Home Page
    Ramiro is a Chilean Pinedo with links to several Pinedo family trees and web pages.
  • Genealogia Sánchez-Pinedo
    Spanish family tree beginning first half of the 19th century.
  • Pinedo
    Basque webpage about the origins, symbolism and heraldry of Pinedo.


References to the Pinedo surname:

  • - Includes Pinedo in a list of Jewish surnames.

  • The Pinedo surname is researched in Euskal Abizenak No.2, a publication dedicated to Basque genealogy and heraldry.


Know Pinedo DNA Result

Origin of Person Tested:  Peru 

Haplotype i2b1  (Germanic)