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What is Pinedo?

Pinedo is a name that originated in Spain.  Its first mention is in the Cartulario de Valpuesta, a document written in 804 in which the diocese of Valpuesta was founded by the "hills of Pinedo".  This document is one of the earliest known writings in Castilian Spanish during the early days of the Visigoth "Reconquest" of Spain from the Moors.  Pinedo, which is located on the border of the Basque country and Castile, continues to be a quaint rural village in scenic hill country named after the "Pino", or pine trees common in that area.

The Hills of Pinedo

View of the Hills of Pinedo in Alava 

On the road to Pinedo

Here is a Pinedo giving a thumb's up on the road to Pinedo

On the Road to Pinedo

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