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The Americas

The earliest people with the Pinedo surname came to the Americas with the conquistadors in the 1520's.  The names Pinedo and Pineda were at times confused and interchanged, and it is very difficult to know where all the Pinedos in America originally came from.  Most came directly from Spain or Portugal or indirectly from other countries, such as a Jewish line of Pinedos from Amsterdam that settled in Curacao in the early 1700's.


1527 - Melchor Pinedo.  Is listed in Voyagers to America 1527
1533 – Diego de Pinedo from Burgos arrived in Mexico in 1533 and settled in Nueva Galicia in 1541. Was son of Pedro Pinedo and Maria de Salazar.
1690 – Jesuit missionary Luis Maria Pinedo is the founder of town of Moris (Chihuahua, Mexico) 


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